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Many people want things in life. They want a car(s), job, business, house, or family. All of those things are great to desire but the question remains, How does a person get RESULTS? For starters what are results? According to Merriam & Webster, results means "to proceed or arise as a consequence, effect, or conclusion." With that definition we can safely establish that the CAUSE & EFFECT method is important if one desires to have results. Think about this for a moment. We all produce results that we rarely think about. Some of our actions have become a part of who we are & they are ingrained in our everyday practices.

For example, The majority of people brush their teeth at least twice a day (I hope you do, if not begin doing it..lol) Now the result of brushing your teeth is a good dental report when you go to your dentist. Now remember most of us only go to the dentist twice a year, but because you practice daily dental care it pays off in the long run.

Consider this. If you desire results in life or out of life. You have to put in the necessary work. Lets use the example again concerning brushing your teeth. For starters you have to be given the right information at the right time. That means someone who had prior knowledge that you didn't previously have took the time to invest in you because they wanted the best for you. They taught you WHY it's important to brush your teeth. Now here's the thing. They gave you the information when you were able to understand what they were teaching. Saying that, You have to be teachable if you want results in your life. Then after receiving the information they taught you HOW by providing an example. Once you followed their example & implemented it into your daily routine it became a natural habit. Out of that habit the results that you received were beneficial to you not just in the now but also in the future. Watch this. You had to do the work first then the consequence, the effect, or conclusion were the results that were in your favor. Now you can smile proudly because your teeth are healthy but did you not know, taking care of your teeth will also keep other organs in your body healthy as well. Not only were the results beneficial for your teeth but additional benefits came along as a BONUS!

Conclusion: Results just don't happen. We have our part to do.

  1. Learn WHY (Knowledge is Power.)

  2. Learn HOW (Follow the Blueprint.)

  3. Learn WHEN (Timing is valuable.)

  4. Then DO It. (Consistency is the key)

  5. RESULTS (Will occur AFTER a period of time with added benefits.)

  6. Teach Someone else (Don't be stingy with the knowledge you received.)

  7. Repeat the Process! (Its Proven & Tried)

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