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Looks Can Be Deceiving (The Chester Flamin Hot Fries)

Chester's Flamin Fries

True Story: So I was in Walmart today. I purchased 2 bags for the Chester Flamin Hot Fries (2 for $1). Didn’t pay any attention to them until I got home. GUESS WHAT??? The bag was sealed. Never been tampered with BUT it was full of “air” no flaming fries. Bag was empty. I laughed about it bcuz I know mistakes happen. It wasn’t Walmart’s fault. It came from the manufacturer like that. Now here’s a few things I thought about for LIFE APPLICATION.

1. Before making your selection on whatever it is in life. “INSPECT IT”. Don’t be in such a hurry just bcuz you are “HUNGRY” or “FAMILIAR” with something. Whatever “IT” may be.

2. Even though it’s the “RIGHT” packaging. Looks good. Smells good. Right dimensions. Got a job. Car. House. Once you select it, bring it home with you, invest your time & energy to go after it. The “ADVERTISEMENT or PRESENTATION” may be perfect on the “OUTSIDE” but “INSIDE” it might be “EMPTY” & nothing but “HOT AIR”.

The old adage: “Everything that glitters isn’t gold.”

The Golden Nugget: If you’re wondering how that particular bag passed inspection before leaving the manufacturer. My guess is, Once the bag was sealed with air without the fries it weighed the same as the bag with the flaming fires in i

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