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Resolve IT Or Relive IT

As we journey through life it can become difficult, overwhelming, and frustrating. There are times it feels as if we're on a merry go round that never seems to stop. We go round and round and round in the same circle. Quite frankly it can bring a dizziness or nauseating feeling if something isn't done to stop it. Me personally I come to discover it is MY responsibility to either Resolve IT Or Relive IT. It is every persons choice to make that decision. Yes we may seek the advice from family and friends and at times we may have to seek professional help (psychiatrist, counselor, clergy) NOTHING is wrong with seeking help. If you need it then set up an appointment, but in the end we should make the final decision that works best for us.

What I would like to do is share with you the definitions for Resolve and Relive.

Resolve: to deal with successfully, clear up, to find an answer, & to make clear or understandable.

Relive: to live over again.

When we are faced with a circumstance(s). We should ask ourselves, Will I resolve this or relive this? Now I’m the first to admit, Choices aren't easy to make. At first it may seem like there isn’t any options, but remember there will ALWAYS be options once you patiently dissect the situation. I would like to offer two suggestions.


1. Ask yourself… Can I live with the circumstance(s) I’m currently in? If so, Then that should be an indicator you are willing to relive it.

 2. If you can’t handle it. Then you have decided to resolve it. (Whether you seek consultation from those you trust or professional help.)

Final Words

Whichever suggestion you make, understand you will make it through. Perhaps in the beginning you felt you could relive it, but later on you decided you couldn’t. Then I suggest that you resolve it. There is a world out there full of opportunities waiting on you. I want you to live your life to the best of your ability. There is only ONE YOU & no body else can do it like YOU. There will always be others doing the same thing that you desire to do or can do but NOBODY can do it like YOU! You are unique, gifted, & talented. 

Remember: Resolve it or Relive it. The choice is yours.

Share with me your thoughts. I would love to read your comments

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