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The Kitchen Sink

Last night my wife had washed her hair in the kitchen sink. After using the nozzle spray. She turned the knobs on for the water to come out the faucet but it only trickled out. So I went under the sink to see what was going on. Everything was right underneath. So I kept turning the knobs & I could HEAR the water trying to come through. The pressure was correct & everything but all I got was a trickle of water from the hot & cold sides. So I decided to remove the HEAD of the faucet which only took 5 minutes. What I discovered was a LITTLE piece of build up which had broken loose & clogged up the LITTLE hole that the water comes through the head of the faucet.

Now the revelation I received from that is this: There are times in our lives in our walk with God. That we are looking good on the outside. Remember the faucet was fine. It looked good & everything was working properly but the INSIDE had a LITTLE piece of build up that had broken loose & clogged up the hole. There may be things in our life that are so SMALL that we may not know, recognize, or never pay attention to that can clog up our spirit man & not allow the anointing of God to FLOW through Us as He desires & all God can get out of Us is a trickle. Sometimes its NOT the BIG stuff we always talk about & think about. It's the SMALL things that can enter in & over a period of time build up then break loose in our lives & STOP the FLOW of anointing.

Now if I hadn't taken the 5 minutes to take the HEAD of the faucet off. I would've went to Lowes Home Improvement. Purchased a brand new faucet. Then I would've had to take the old faucet off. Yes it would've worked but THINK about the time, energy, & money I would have spent which would've been unnecessary.

If you feel that your flow isn't flowing like it used too. OMG> Sometimes you might need to check your HEAD. What is it, thats going on in your MIND that you have allowed to get in your spirit thats clogged up your flow! It may be something LITTLE that you have overlooked.

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Brent Deena Jones
Brent Deena Jones
07 mars 2021

Needed to hear this.Have things inside I need to clean out so God can flow fully through me.Thank you!

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