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Underestimate Vs. Overestimate

Today I was thinking about life in general and how we place a particular value on everything. For example: our homes, cars, clothes, & jobs etc... We will spend a substantial amount of money, time, research, & energy to acquire those things and once we have them we "say" we're satisfied. Yet we don't put that same amount of money, time, research, & energy into our well being. Now what I mean is. We underestimate (place less value, or think less of ourselves a lot of times) than we really should. Too many times we feel if we acquire material possessions or a certain position that it will make us feel better about ourselves only to find out that we're still empty on the inside. Once the thrill of achieving those things wears off we begin to seek for the next "high" to make us feel better about ourselves. We overestimate (value material things too highly). I'm not talking about purchasing quality items, or investing in IRAs, Stock Market, 401K, or even applying for a position that you desire. But what I am saying is overestimating in things to compensate for feeling good about ourselves. We need to become comfortable in our own skin without having things. Lets begin the practice of NOT UNDERESTIMATING WHO we are. Each one of us are unique, strong, valuable, gifted, talented, beautiful, and handsome. YOU ARE ENOUGH! (Say that to yourself 5 times. Repeat it daily.) Begin to think better and greater thoughts of yourself more than you think on those things that can never complete you. Begin to view yourself from God's perspective. God made all of us. The scripture says in Psalm 139:14, I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. We are fearfully and wonderfully made by God... We are the work of God. You have to know this and believe this in order to BE IT! Regardless of WHAT happened to you in life. WHO left you. WHO hurt you. WHY this or that happened. God took the time to design you in His image & after His likeness. You are still here because you have value. You made it through because you are priceless. You will have hard times BUT you WILL make it! You heard it said before. God never made any junk. You & I are NOT junk.

Finally, Stop thinking less than about WHO you are. You are enough for you. Learn to love YOURSELF first! Stop waiting for others to applaud you. Clap for yourself. God already clapped and is still clapping for you to win.

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